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Lily sat on the pavement, still in the same place even though Rhiley had left an hour ago. She had text Adam a few minutes before. She needed to talk to him after hearing that he was going out with someone. It’s not like they were together; they were just friends, but Lily had remembered Adam telling her that if he liked anyone, she would be the first to know. And here she was, sitting cross-legged on the curb, not knowing anything at all. She sighed and pulled her hood a little further over her head, tapping the heel of her shoe against the gutter. It would have been much easier for Adam if Lily had gone to his dorm, but she didn’t feel like moving. She didn’t have any energy. She felt lost and lonely after Rhiley had left, so maybe talking to Adam would cheer her up a little.

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    "Yeah," Lily smiled. She glanced at the clock on Adam’s bedside table and frowned. "I should probably go so I can get...
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    "I’m sure we’ll all have fun. We’ll all do the hocky pocky if anything." He laughed. Adam wanted Lily to have fun. He...